30 April 2012

I suppose it is about time to put something up here... Despite the lack of updates here, things have actually, slowly, been coming together. Lack of rain and help has made progress slow, but Matt and I have a new straight line started and have restarted/reworked the main line further back and added/changed a few elements including what should be a really fun race-style triple roller set-up. I will try to get some pictures up soon...

08 November 2011

2012 Digging

Well, the summer sort of faded without a bang. Rain, busyness, and sundry other pieces left the back end of 2011 trail season here pretty dull. Frankly, building and maintaining trails is just a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Anyone who has had a hand in doing this thing we call trails knows it. I have begun going back to begin the process of preparing for next year. Talk of a new, bigger, main straight line and some revision to older, smaller stuff has begun to yield some fruit. Whether any of this actually takes shape is yet to be seen.

02 May 2011

First Fruits

Well the first runs have officially been had for the season. A couple guys took a few runs through the old mains and Surf's Up Saturday and Sunday in spite of some remaining dampness. Much work remains to be done but thus far things are looking to turn out pretty swell.

Matt H. doing his thing.

13 April 2011

21 March 2011


I should also post this more recent pic of the third berm in Surfs Up. Steve has been stacking on this thing like crazy.

Kane Lane

Long overdue photo update. A bunch of people have been getting out consistently over the past few weeks and things are starting to pop up. Much of this initial work has been going into some smaller set-up stuff that leads into the old main line and also is opening up a couple doors for new lines. Notable additions include Steve/Rick/Jon's triple berm setup in the beginning of what is being called Surfs Up and the Kane Lane, named after the inspiration of Rick. It provides a straight lip into the old main line.

What follows are a few pics from the past week.

17 March 2011

Vincent Perraud

Great slide show of an Austin winter by Vincent Perraud here: