22 January 2010


.... still not a lot of new updates due to the winter season. I rode everyday this week since the weather has been tolerable but i've found myself to be jacked up and in need of a day off my bike. i had a close call at jacks barn trying an ice pick stall on the quarter but missed the peg and somehow managed to fall off the side of the quarter and slide down the beam... ( i hate ice picks... and pegs in general for that matter!)

Apparently the new hot spot is the columbia park, i havent made my way there yet since i've heard mixed reviews but we'll see what happens this week.

Also one final note, some digging/ clearing/ chopping has gone down at the " to be continued" trail spot (thats not what were calling the new spot but it makes sence for the time being.) i again havent made my way there yet but definatly plan on it here soon.

- shaboopy

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