13 February 2010

Quarryville Dirt Updates

We had mentioned a while ago about the possibility of doing some trails right next to the Quarryville skatepark; things are slowly coming together with that and it looks like it is going to be going forward. There was supposed be to a meeting this past Tuesday where we were going to go present the idea to the SECA Board (the committee that runs the park) but due to the snow that was canceled for a later date. That evening, Mike, the guy that I have been communicating with about the park, emailed me back and asked if I could fill him in on what it would take to produce a trails section so that he could pass the info on and maybe get things started from behind the scenes. It seems that the plan is to get some dirt dropped as soon as it begins to warm up. If that is the case, we will be looking for as much help as possible to get some stuff rideable asap.

I will post any updates as soon as I get them.


  1. Once you know an exact drop date for some dirt get ahold of the 717. We will ALL be down for coming down and helping out for a day or two and we can bring a car full of guys and shovels to make it happen. And when you get to the point where you guys are ready to doodle up some ideas let us know too...we can definitely help fill in on what works and what doesn't. Always stoked on having other places to ride so this would be great news.