13 August 2010


A bit has been happening at the trails over the past few weeks: much riding and a little digging. We finally got all four jumps grooved in with the fourth downside being finished about two weeks ago. Subsequently, sessions have been going down here and there with Alex 'apple eating' Steckler even throwing down some tuck no-handers over the fourth.

While the fourth has finally been finished, it was much to easy to clear and so last night, with the opportunity provided by yesterday's rain, Matt stacked the downside up another foot and I redid the lip making it a bit steeper. With the new revision, it has taken on the shape of a Pitney Woods jump, i.e. steeper and deeper. It will definitely set-up the fifth jump to be a bit more serious. Pics are on the way of this reformation. We are planning to put in some heavy work this weekend on the fifth double and will hopefully have something significant for a small Fall jam. Below is a recent sequence of Matt working his way through the section.

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