18 November 2010


Well the 2010 trail season is wrapping up with Fall digging beginning and only a few more (if any) sessions left before the ground freezes. While not being as productive as it maybe could have been, our first year at this new spot saw the creation of a good solid 10 pack, the start of a branch-off line, and some other bumps scattered throughout the woods.

Location wise, the spot has existed without too much of a hitch but it is yet to been seen how the winter affects that. If we do last the winter into next spring, good things should be a-coming. With the work that is currently going in at Pitney (night digging?!) it may not be too bold to say that 2011 will be a good year for trails in Lancaster County. We will definitely be looking to have more people out next season so look for a jam or two to happen next summer. We are also going to look to get a contest going at the Quarryville skatepark in the Spring of next year to try to raise some funds for some additional ramps. More on that if SECA is cooperative...

1 comment:

  1. By a good trail season in Lancaster...you mean for the like five or six of us at two spots in the county that dig trails? HAHA
    And we are gonna have better trails than ever in 2011 for sure!
    Pumped to come to Qville for a jam for sure.