12 December 2009

2009 in Review: Footjam

I have always been attracted to the media side of BMX. Last night Steve, Matt and I got together to watch footage from about ten years ago that I captured with a video camera I had bought when I was fourteen. It was a good time reminiscing on some of the earlier years of BMX (high seats, small bars, heavy bikes, no attitudes). It had a buch of footage from the old Lancaster park (East Coast Rec) along with Quarryville/Lancaster street and the early years of the Smith trails (if Fashion looks at this post, it even had some footage of you from Minersville that, I guess, Dave Adams had taken). To say all that, taking pictures of BMX continues to interest me (sometimes more than actually riding) and this year has provided plenty of good ones. Over the next couple weeks (as I have time) I am going to post some of the highlights from the year for interests sake while riding weather diminishes and also as a way to pull them all into one location.

I will start small as I need to get crackin on studying for finals so here is one or two from the beginning of the season.

I think that it was just this year that Matt started getting foot jams and this shot was shortly there after. I warmed the colors up a bit and like how the picture captures the action: finger on the brake, eyes on the reentry, leaned in, locked in, and loaded.

It seems to me that from looking at the trees, the image of Carl is the earlier one. Carl is always full of picture producing moves and this one is no exception. The composition could be a bit better but I am into the angle, the super steep angle of the bike and the onlookers in the background.


  1. Actually, looking at them again, I like the composition of Carl's better than Matt's. The shot of Matt should be shifted to the left some more and I like how the whole tree behind Carl is fitted into the frame.

  2. Well not the whole tree, but it captures the height of it.