16 December 2009

East Coast Recreation

This will only have relevance to a negligible amount of the world's population, however, after watching that old video footage the other day, I figured I would post this piece of Lancaster Co. BMX history for those to whom it means anything. East Coast Recreation was, as far as I know, the only indoor skatepark that Lancaster has ever had that allowed bikes (for that matter, the only other indoor parks period was More and the current one in Manheim. Any others?). It only lasted a couple years and then classically was shut down amid a swirl of conflicting rumors. It was formational for me in the sense that it opened just as I started to get serious about riding. It received some attention from the wider BMX scene as it has an appearance on FBM's Albert Street and was frequented by the Little Devil crew numerous times.

The only contest that I have ever entered was held there and a while ago I found a flier from the contest that I had kept. Check it below. I don't know any of the dudes on it except for Jeremy Smith in the top right hand corner.

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