16 December 2009

May 2009

With my switch over to digital a while back I had to get used to the whole process of digital archiving. It is interesting to have a ton of pictures in one location that are dated so that you can see the progression of how things went. This batch occurs right after the heaviest part of the digging season for us this year at the end of May. We spent April and the better part of May putting a ton of work into the creation of Matt and Steve's line. This is one of the first sessions of the year that went down (I think).

This was the fourth jump in Matt's line. Blackie came and put it instantly to work. One hander.

I love the lighting created by the off camera flash. Matt reaping the fruit of his labors.

I have to laugh when I see this. I was not expecting Matt to get this high and thus framed the photo accordingly. Headless turndown.

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