24 December 2009

More Spring

In May Matt, Steve, Alex and I headed down to FDR for an early morning session. I had not been down in a long time so it was good to ride there again with some of the new terrain; surprisingly, for how close it is (relatively speaking), we don't get down there much at all. I have always found it difficult to ride FDR fluidly and so I spent some time shooting (which it is quite hard to do with the light contrasts, especially early morning. For more on that see here) and chilling.
Steve's always finding something unique. Tireslide/chink. Damn bikers.

Alex Steckler: Table hip

Early morning rush hour.

Matt is building a sweet collection of masks. As far as I know, he only has two but any collection that includes a Darth Vader mask is sweet in my book. Spiderman comes out for the ride home.

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