21 November 2009

Before the Cold

Got out to the park for awhile today and shot some pics with Steve. It was nice to be out and enjoy a nice day before it gets super cold. I has been some time since I have had time to spend a solid couple hours at the park.

Some plans are formulating in regards to a new spot. When the idea for a skatepark in Quarryville was first being tossed around, there was talk of a dirt area being done in conjunction with the park. Over the past week I have been in contact with the big boss of SECA to see if plans were still in the works for that, and if not, to see if we could get something going. Steve and I talked to him today and he was very supportive with the idea as long as we could come up with a team to head up the project. While there are certainly some drawbacks to a spot that is open and available to the general public (especially when held in contrast to a spot secluded in the woods), there are some positives as well, things that an isolated woodsy spot can not (generally) provide (water access, no ticks, availability of machinery, three blocks from the house, no worries of being plowed, etc). We will see how things move forward. Probably going to head up to 717 tomorrow to get some digging on.


  1. Shame you guys didn't make it out today...but I was just reading your post and I don't know that we want to be considered "part" of the team to head up that project but you can count us in on a few weekends of hard work to get shit up and running and any support you might need (like if we need to show up to some meetings or whatever).

  2. Yeah I had wanted to get up and put in some shovel time but no one else was really interested and then a couple other things came up. I will, hopefully, be able to get up a couple times this fall and spring.

    I will let you know about any support you guys could give. It sounds like this deal is a go if we are willing to put in the work, so...

  3. Wow The trails look nice.. I told some fellow riders about them and we are about 45 min away. To bad it is entering the winter season now. Would I be able to get some directions to come check them out ? I started a blog for out trails in york. Some of the 717 guys road there. we only been there a year so not much is up but in the process. Come check them out. The blog address is http://theoft-trails.blogspot.com/ not many pics but stop, take a look and let me know what you think..

  4. Yeah I read that but wasn't sure if you had a new spot already.. That blows. Never fails it seems.. Sorry to hear that man..