09 November 2009


Things came to a bit of a closure tonight with the Smith trails. Matt and I did some research and finally tracked down the overseer of the school district property. It turns out that for the two years that we have been digging back their, no one had even noticed us. The other day, a faculty member was concerned to see some people walking back into the woods and reported it to the janitorial staff. Later they checked it out and shut it down due to liability issues. Thankfully, the overseer was super nice and understanding of our plight. He gave my name and number to the school's business manager and said they would give me a call if things changed. I suppose to our credit, he was quite impressed by the amount of work that was put in back there but there was not much they could do.

Ideas are being thrown around as to what is in order next with differing opinions. If nothing works out by next spring, we will donate our shovels to 717 and move thither. Matt has a collection of memorial pictures on his Facebook but I will get some up here this week. It was a good two years.

See you at Ray's.

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