07 November 2009

What it is

so it's been a full day now since our sudden shut down and i've done a bunch of thinking. first off i don't know if i've ever felt this type of heartbreak before. As lame or gay as it may sound it's like a piece of me has been taken. myself and josh spent a good majority of time at the smith trails and was almost a type of home, im sure anyone who has ever had trails can relate to that. so moving forward... josh imforms me that steve and him may have found a new location already but i'm not willing to start anything up before there is a sence of security in the spot. We also plan on talking to the school or whoever we can about our shut down just to see what the reasons are and so they can see what type of people we are. kinda ironic situation, last week as i was walking up to the trails i found a wallet, full with cash,i.d,cards, etc. that i turned into the school and from the little glimps of what i got from the "guy in the truck" i think it may be a match. so anyways i'm sure our plan is to keep on keeping on. we have considered just migrating to the 717 crew but we just want something in out back yard if you will. I'm hoping to make it out to 717 tomorrow after i get done work to get back into the trail spirit...


  1. Here is a really good idea. migrate, join forces and build the shred spot of a lifetime. we are always looking for more heads and would really appreciate the help. if you are having a problem "right in your backyard" move to lanc with us into the bmx house going down this winter and bam there you go. _ really sorry about your luck. we lost our first spot too. heartbreaking i know -brett

  2. I honestly feel you on this one...like Brett said we lost our first spot as well. Major bummer for sure.
    And I feel ya on the idea of having a spot closer to home but you guys are 100% welcome at our place any time and always have been. We are down with anyone that is down with trails and the work involved.
    After our trip to Catty this past Sunday I could not be more motivated to build like a mad man this winter so if you guys don't find a spot anytime soon but are feeling the itch to dig please hit us up!