01 November 2009

Quarry Ville

Do I even want to start a blog? I am not sure. However, the trail scene is poppin and blogs seems to be a boon to the creation of a bit of community. Matt and I have been the main two diggers this year at Smith and we are ready for some friends. So anyway. Here it is.

Quarry Ville seemed appropriate at face value. See Merriam-Websters:
quarrying n
ca. 1828 : the business, occupation, or act of extracting useful material (as building stone) from quarries
-ville \ˌvil, esp Southern vəl\ n suffix
[-ville, suffix occurring in names of towns, fr. F, fr. OF, fr. ville village] : place, category, or quality of a specified nature dullsville

While you can read into definitions according to your desired use, Quarryville seems an appropriate designation for a set of trails: a community (or village) seeking to extract (sometimes rare) material out of the earth for the establishment of a bicycle riding, jumping, berming community. Community begins and ends the process of this phenomena we call trails. Maybe the 717 Family is on to something.


  1. Stoked you guys joined the Blogspot crowd. Its the only way to go if your gonna have trails haha. I still need to come check out the spot before the bitch known as Winter sets comes!

  2. Yeah, hit us up. I think we will be out this Saturday a bit.