05 November 2009

Possible Trail Riding

So i think it's about time that the Mrk broke this blog thing in. The Weather For this weekend is looking real good from what i saw earlier, but unfortunately for me i will be working all day saturday. I talked to josh and it looks like were going to try to have a little session on sunday (after 2:30 because i work.) I'm pretty sure we'll go back and touch things up as much as possible tomorrow to have everything riding but i don't think a lot needs done since things look good under the tarps. In other news has anyone else seen the subrosa pandora dtt frame? it's all old school looking with a dual top tube. wtf? One week to Ray's... stoked.

1 comment:

  1. I was only able to find one pic of that Subrosa online (oh, I just saw it in Dan's too). I like the look but I don't think that it will catch on. It will prob. remain a collectorish type item. I am not a fan of the fixed post frames however.