03 November 2009


It seems this blogging thing could get fairly addicting; the only problems are 1) whether anyone is looking and 2) if anyone cares. Oh well.

Just wanted to let peeps know about the Ray's Weekend coming up. Green Mountain is taking a crew out and Shane, Matt and I are going to head out as well (a day earlier than they are). It is promising to be a good trip. It would be good to get a good Lanc. County representation there.

Secondly, I was delighted to find the symbiotic relationship of Flickr and Blogger on here. Using Flickr as a photo hosting site seems much more efficient than uploading everything to the blog face. The way to do it may be to upload a few highlights to a post and then redirect traffic to Flickr. We'll see how that works.

Speaking of highlights, I have to post the picture of a ridiculous berm that I saw a month or two ago. Apparently it is over in the U.K. and is of mind boggling size. The U.K. trail scene seems to have blown up this year.

I am trying to get Matt set up as another author so hopefully you will see him on here soon as well. Cheers.

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